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Personal Training Packages

Personal Training Packages

Half Hour sessions:
5 for $175
10 for $315
20 for $577

One Hour sessions:
1 for $75/session
5 for $340
10 for $630
20 for $1155
25 for $1400

Group Sessions (Hour sessions ONLY and limit 3 people):
5 sessions
$450 for 2 people ($45/session/person)
$600 for 3 people ($40/session/person)
10 sessions
$800 for 2 people ($40/session/person)
$1050 for 3 people ($35/session/person)

MINDBODY – when registering – please SEARCH for your name – you are all in the system! No need to re-register :)
We have a new online scheduling system for everything from Group Classes to Boot Camp to Spa Treatments.
Now for all of our Group classes there is no wondering if there is space for you – register online to guarantee there is room for you!
Also you can pay for services and programs online.
Register today at MINDBODY – Instructions are included HERE!!
The only hold up is that we need to get ALL of your pictures over again – so please be patient with us during this time. You can also EMAIL your picture that you want to use to CustomerService@Moffett-Towers-Club.com
Thank you!

Contact Trainers - 408-419-4742

Please see Contact Us tab below for individual trainer contact information!